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2020 Recap

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

This is Epic Beard Photography’s 2020 Recap! 2020 was a year that none of us were really prepared for or will forget. Right out of the gate we had done the Uniquely Yours Bridal Show. In the first quarter we had already done several engagement sessions, and several really fun themed sessions. By the 1st of March we were knocking 2020 out of the park.

As Epic Beard rolled into March right along with everyone else, we all know the story from there. Unfortunately, this blog post is not to recap the negative of 2020. I am here to highlight the positives that happened, and the direction Epic Beard is moving. During 2020 I took the time to re-invent the wheel for the direction we had to go to stay motivated, positive and moving through the troubled times.

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On the wedding and engagement side of Epic Beard I did 9 engagement sessions and 15 weddings. Those numbers are a little short of the 2020 goal, but with what was happening it was a win. I also started working on a new portfolio titled Embrace Your Own Kind of Beautiful. This portfolio is to show that everyone has their own beauty and need to embrace it. I also did a few Halloween themed sessions, pin-up sessions, and Christmas pin-up.

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Tony Blackall of MotoAmerica Super Sport Class at Road America

The long-awaited direction Epic Beard Photography is going is an extremely exciting opportunity. If you have been following my Instagram pages you would have noticed more sports related images being posted and videos. To be more specific motorcycle racing images and videos. I got this opportunity through a friend that helped me get media credentials. At the first race at Road America, I met the team Blackall Racing who race in the Super Sport class. Throughout the race season I had many amazing opportunities from meeting new friends that I do work for as well. I also landed a job as Media Director with Blackall Racing.

With getting the media credentials with MotoAmerica it has opened another door in the realm of media content. I have started to work in videography too. Doing so I have made a few personal videos for myself on my YouTube Channel and I have made several for Blackall Racing. I will also upload a few videos on the website here. With the video aspect I have done some promotional work and commercials for local businesses here in the Hampton Roads area. The business I am speaking of are Alliance Tattoo and If I fall Clothing line to name a few. As 2021 progresses I have a few projects I will be taking on working for Copon Studios that is going to be very exciting.

To round out Epic Beard Photography’s 2020 recap year, I was hired by Tidewater Community College as an Adjunct Professor teaching Introduction to Photography and looking forward to the Spring 2021 year. With all that is going on this year in 2021 I also plan to do some more commercial accounts, but don’t worry I am still sticking around to take care of all other photography needs as well.


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