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To stay relevant and show versatility you need to be able to push yourself and work on different projects be it paid or not. By working on different projects in different genres of content helps build your knowledge and versatility to work with a wide variety of people and businesses. I don't feel that its necessary to limit yourself to one aspect of content creating.

Fan Favorite on Two Wheels

This project is one that has been in development since 2020 and has slowly turned into a little Mini-Docuseries. With my passion to tell others stories this project is extra special to me. Through the Journey working with Max Flinders we have been become really good friends. In MotoAmerica Max is seen as an underdog but he never gives up. While Hollywood underdog scripts are predictable reality and racing are not; So, Max on his sun glow yellow number 88 racing motorcycle fights with the heart of a champion to rise to the top


Yanmar and Get My Boat

One of the most interesting and fun projects that I could be working on. Yanmar is a major supplier of industrial and marine diesel engines, diesel generators, micro cogeneration and gas heat pump energy system solutions. Get My Boat is the world's largest boat rental and water experience marketplace. These two companies cosponsor a sailboat racing team. I am working on promotional videos for them to help spread the word about Sailboat Racing.



With its roots dating back to the sixteenth century in the cattle industry in the American West grew the sport of Rodeo. The Spanish and Spanish-Mexican settlers played a key role in the origins and introduction of rodeo and propagation of horses and cattle in the Southwest. After the Civil War there was an abundance of wild cattle in the Southwest and a market in the East. With that brought about cattle drives, large ranches, and range cowboys began. From that skills of the Cowboy led to competitive contests that led to the Rodeos that we know today.

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